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A Little Lost... Love!

Updated: Feb 25

Fellow followers hello! Life has been a little full force the past week, I'm still human after all. My Children being well children, but although all relationships have struggles I'm ok! But truthfully I have never felt so alone. I'm sharing this with you all because it's ok to not be ok.

It's apart of living right?

I can look at someone and feel there pain, there insecurities, emotions but also the happiness, it comes forward to me straight away, Even if I look at someone in the shop I just know straight away.

I wonder if anyone can look at me and feel the same as I do, I struggle to read myself. Although I see my past loved ones, Im greatful for that, sometimes I'm like please give a moment to breathe, same as the living and I suppose we all like our own space.

I can't read my own tarot, I don't no where my life is going. I have a strong hunch about things but that's apart of being psychic. Ivy said this morning, Can I come Tesco with you? bare in mind I haven't even told anyone I'm going. Maybe she will read me haha!

Love is surreal isn't it, we all want to be taken of our feet, loved unconditionally despite our flaws and mistakes ( trust me I have made a lot of mistakes )

But mistakes make us stronger, it curves our personality and we learn by them, I'm in the mindset you can't be perfect for everyone.

You can't buy love and happiness you have to be yourself and if someone can't love you for being you, they dont deserve you. That my babes is my words of the week! Don't change who you are to please others. Always listen to your gut feeling you know yourself better than anyone and what is right for you.

On that note, I'm excited this week is the week, my book is released to the public on Friday 2/2 what a gorgeous Angel number.

I'm full of excitement but also a little anxious, your all going to have my book that I have worked so hard on. A little guide from me to you, how you can connect to spirit. Thankyou if you have pre ordered. It's available worldwide " life of a psychic medium"

Talk time:

I swear Charlotte the ghost has a attitude she slamed the bathroom door. How can I tell a ghost off?

Love Chloe


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