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Am i Weird?

For so long, I really did think I was just strange, well what is the definition of normal anyway?sensing someones feelings and emotions is something I just know straight away, I suppose everyone has that feeling dont they? knowing if someone is a good or bad person, it is apart of human nature, feeling vibes. But I am on another level, a level that I cant even explain.

This is why shopping is tough, imagine not only sensing someones feelings, but feeling them too. Physical like Leg pain or even a cough,: Mental pain, like grief or even heartache!

Dont get me wrong it doesn't last to long and I am pretty good at turning it off but I can focus on someone and know there whole feelings, deep down I know that isn't normal. I laugh silently. but this world of mediumship is lonely. Do people think I am weird, strange and dam right not normal, or do I just think that? if I sat here and asked constant questions it wouldn't end, why me? why can I communicate with the dead? why doesnt everyone see what I do? it makes me emotional, but it is also a blessing that I can make someones day better, helping them through life challenges: helping you helps me and for that I am dearly grateful, especially when I struggled mentally a few years ago. I found my purpose and so can you. Thats my way of saying dont give up on who you are and what is meant for you will find you. Take that as a sign.

The sooner I accepted who I was, the more I am embraced me, the more I started to love the person I am, some days can be tough thats the part of life, I am different, and everyone in there own perfect way is unique and different too.

Spirit is something I didn't understand for so long, there was not really an explanation to what I see or why your loved ones come forward to me, I have been able to be more firm in situations, for example: your loved ones do listen and I have realised that, if I say I dont want to communicate then they leave me alone, I remember the first time I experienced this, the kindhearted person I am I would never want to turn away a person let alone someone who was dead, but I was in my local Tesco once and I get a banging head as I walk in a busy environment. all the souls trying to connect, peoples emotions and feelings, its is tough! I had all three children with me, and I felt so stressed and over whelmed. I had a gentleman in spirit follow me around tesco, he was so empowering, ( how they know I can communicate I dont have a clue, do I look different to a so called ' normal ' human being? something I yet to learn) but he was very empowering! he entered my body. weird again I know, but your loved ones do this, they show me how they feel, or how they had past away, it does not hurt me, and does not last long at all, but its a connection I truly embrace, the kids were being well kids. I was so stressed and I blurted out leave me alone, I felt so terrible I cried, but he did go, and I couldn't stop thinking about him, thats when I went back to Tesco the next day, and he connected with me again, his wife worked in tesco and thats why he was there, something in my own mind and body told me to go back, thats why I always say trust your gut feeling. he wanted me to tell his wife his ok, and so I did, and thats why ladies and gents I do my job, I am a medium, but I am also Chloe, I am unique , I am weird but I am also human.

Love Chloe xoxo

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