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Fellow Followers this one is for you!

Hello fellow followers, honestly I am so so grateful for you reading this blog and coming on a spiritual journey with me! isn't life crazy? how are we all on this planet, I have many questions I cant even answer, but I do speak to the dead. how surreal is that? trust me its strange but also magical, and if you dont see the things I see, you question it dont you? it is human to question life and death. So babes dont feel bad for not being a true believer, I am here today to help you with just that!

I do believe we all are all psychic to an extent, Sensing things to happen before they happen. that is a psychic ability, ever had that feeling something was going to happen and it did!

But, mediumship is connecting with the afterlife, I can raise my own vibration high enough to communicate with the souls that have departed! madness right? if I am being brutally honest. I dont even no why this happens to me, its something out of my control, I can prevent it from happening from time to time if I want to block a spirit from connecting with me if im exhausted but its very rare. It is apart of me, just like its apart of someone if they are an artist, a singer or even a builder. it shapes us into who we are today. So, hey guys I guess I am a medium.

Dirty talk - shh!

The one popular question, well Chloe how do you have sex without the dead creeping in.

this does make me chuckle. I shut the door and say - leave me alone.

Chloe xx

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Love this! Thank you for sharing x

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