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Goodbye Charlotte

The thought of moving home, is something that makes me anxious, putting all your valuables into boxes and moving to a new place is any mediums worse nightmare, especially when Ghosts are involved. they dont like to make them selves known straight away. although nothing can physically hurt you, just like human beings you are introduced to a annoying person from time to time, in my case thats the dead, although I sit here and laugh silently, I am excited for what this new adventure will take me. I suppose only time will tell and you will all be on that journey with me! yes I promise to video.

Ghosts are tied to the location of there death, or it can be a replay in energy which means the same thing is happening over and over, although I am in the Ghosts home, they learn to adapt to the living, the kids tantrums and laughs and become apart of the family, well that was what is was like for Charlotte, who lives in the Marl Hallow Farm, she has fit straight into our family and this is what hurts the most, the thought of leaving her behind, but as I say! this is her home and she will be fine. Ghosts like to stay in there location, this doesn't mean your past loved ones are ghosts, it is usually if someone loves a place or an environment so much they simply dont want to leave, because they are safe and happy. Charlotte may be dead. and the reality of that is sad, but I will miss her as cliche as that may sound, I hope someone else may love Charlotte just as much as me and my children have!

this all sounds bonkers doesn't it. I remember my friend Lucy coming around the farm house and she said Chloe what the hell, I said what's up ' someone just ran down your stairs and no one is in' well Charlotte is?


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