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My Children and the Ghost.

I have been excited to tell you all about my week, although the constant school runs and muffled audio from three iPads all on at the same time, I really need to buy them headphones. I was one of them mums who was always against getting your children stuck to a screen, but here I am the Alexa is on, The Incredibles is on the Telly and 3 iPads.

Let alone them begging to go on a game console all at the same time, what am I getting at?

I suppose the tech is a distraction for the kids, George is noticing alot more around him recently, he even asks me who Charlotte is, the ghost in our house. Ghosts are energy repeating its self, or a spirit tied to the location of there death, they dont want to leave because its home! this doesn't mean your loved ones are Ghosts, it could be a replay in energy, how someone past.

Charlotte is beautiful she has long hair, wears a white Night dress, she is a child. its sad how she died: she told me, people often ask me if she realises she has died, I think she does but we dont have a full conversation, she comes and goes. It is strange how it all works if I am honest. I Still have plenty of questions myself about the spiritual world and I learn something new every day! but when Charlotte is around its like I have four children not three.

Its a conversation me and George have not really sat down to have, I feel his to young. his only seven. Eight in August, as long as his not scared its not a worry I suppose! I know nothing can hurt you in the spirit world, but I dont want him to ever feel the slight scare. however I explain seeing a spirit, ghost or an Angel is a over whelming feeling of peace and love, its incredible! Spirit could make you jump but its not a feeling of " go away"

you may experience unexplained noises like footsteps, knocking or the sound of something drop.

Lights may switch on and off, same as electronics, you may loose something or have a change in temperature feeling Hot or Cold..

Loved ones get your attention in so many ways, its easy to over think if its actually a soul or a ghost. but ask them to come forward and show you a sign, ( hold back from fear. they wont show you if they know your scared)

Charlie doesn't show me any signs of being spiritual. His the middle child, his five a little terror if I must admit. although his such a mommas boy! His had a few night terrors and points in the corner of his room screaming ( goosebumps ) but nothing is ever there, most children have night terrors right? well I did growing up, it was my first connection to spirit. I know that now.

Ivy, the youngest, Diva I call her, little miss sassy pants, constantly stealing my makeup and singing into a hair brush. when I say shes psychic, she is psychic! oh my gosh, some times I even think WOW! she even laughs when she does it, dam right weird.

Everyone is psychic to an extent, sensing things to happen before they are about too, but she will tell me things I am thinking. the other day from school she said a fire engine was coming, two minutes later passes us! this is going to sound rather strange but I feel we are very in tune with each other, she will know if I have cried in a day or been happy. she tells me before she goes to sleep, did you cry today mummy I know you did. ok ivy, you are four please stop Haha!

I hope they dont out grow there spiritual side, I will never force the kids to follow in my footsteps but to embrace who they are, to love them selfs and always be kind. Its so hard in a world we live in, I fear that the most. how people can be so mean and not care about feelings. I know I talk to the dead, I know it can be hard to understand but its me. its who I am. and I will always love my children unconditionally for who they are.

Dirty Talk: Spirit always visit me when I am about to shave in the bath. talk about dignity.

Comment any questions! Oh and I got a 11:11 tattoo. and hit the top 100 books on Amazon UK!

Love Chloe


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