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What it is like being a medium!

Updated: Feb 25

I know my nose is red without looking at it, rummaging in my dressing gown sleeve to find my tissue, I am constantly wiping my nose. It's either due to the coldness of the house or my sensitivity to spirit around me.

I only knew I had problems with my sinuses when I went for regular appointments with a consultant, all for them to say there is nothing clinically wrong with me. Bizarre! especially when I couldn't smell normal day to day things!

I could hardly turn around and say well I can’t smell normal things only spirit, let’s face it he would have thought I had lost my mind and sectioned me there and then, maybe I am strange, not normal.. but its all I have ever known, the beauty of it, is I learn more and more every day, for that I am greatful, as human we learn, make mistakes and grow. the part of living I suppose.

I feel better now I have proof, like evidence in my own mind, that makes is better for myself..

Our loved ones can come forward in different ways, I could see them in full if the allow me too or they will show me other ways to explain who they are,

For example: spirit who smoked would come forward with smells wether it was a cigarette or a stronger smell like a cigar, maybe the smell of freshly baked bread or cakes! Fantastic right? but it is also magical, the smell may not last long but is a connection I have with your past loved ones.

Spirit also use my body, sounds really scary, but it doesn't last long and I kind of like the feeling, its like a gush of energy; Spirit could show me they past from a heart attack which will give me a tightness in my chest, maybe blood loss, confusion, a heavy head, sore throat, and so much more.. it confirms how they past, although they are not like that now it is confirmation on how you will know its them.

So how do I make that connection with loved ones? Truthfully I am unsure it just happens: Spirit will know when I am ready to connect with them for example; from your photo or if I was to see you In person; I focus and I do a speech in my head or out loud to ask anyone to come forward and they do. There hasn't been a time someone doesn't come forward, usually you will have a soul and some Angels come forward straight away:

Spirit can come forward from generations, close friends or family.

I see a ray of light and souls come forward, they may pass me certain objects, use my body as mentioned previously, show me symbols and signs which mean different things ( some symbols are in my book with the meaning of what they mean, my book is called; ' life of a psychic medium '

But truthfully it is fantastic.. I wouldn't change it, but its also tough, I feel I dont get a break, its hard to go outside and shop with general public, you can get some forceful souls come forward without a speech and they will use my body while shopping which can be unexpected, especially when picking up the milk haha.

Always remember to trust yourself and the signs around you. If you ever dream of a past loved one it is the easiest way of communication because you are sleeping and resting, they will let you know they are safe and at peace. you will remember what is needed to be remembered.

I am off to Wales this week, me and kiddos! I am looking forward to the break by the sea. but I am also excited to meet some Ghosts, Angels and Spirits.



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